Neillsville Chamber of Commerce Recognition Banquet

-The Neillsville Chamber of Commerce held their recognition banquet at the Neillsville American Legion.

Dr. Greg Foster, the presenter of the awards, named the businesses that celebrated an anniversary in 2013. Abby Vans Inc. was honored for 25 years of service.

Dr. Foster said, “In 1988, Abby Vans was born and by summer of next year, their fleet grown from 2 to 8 vans. The rapid growth continued and in 1992, only four years after opening, Abby Vans had 40 vehicles on the road. That same year, an office building was constructed next to the maintenance building on Todd Road and, in 1998, the Neillsville Taxi Service was founded.”

Mark Jones was very pleased to accept this award.

Mark said, “This is a special milestone for us. It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago, my mother and father-in-law lent me $10,000 to buy 2 vans and we were driving for a company in Wausau, Wisconsin. That company has since closed, but we’ve continued to grow and I think the success of that growth is largely attributed to being able to be in this community. We have a lot of support here and we’ve had an enormous number of employees that have made our lives successful.”

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