Abby Vans, Inc. originated in 1988 when we purchased two (2) vehicles from a Specialized Medical Vehicle operator that our family was working for. From our simple beginning, to the scope of services we provide today, we have endeavored to maintain the principles that we started with, to care for our staff and clients like family and aim to provide the highest level of service possible.

This philosophy has served us well and continues to be the underling success in the way we provide services today.

We still continue to provide Specialized Medical Vehicle (SMV) services but in contrast to when we began our business it now only makes up about 30% of what we do today. In an effort to become more efficient we have broadened our services to provide Social Service, Share Ride Taxi, Paratransit, Medicaid Common Carrier, CMO/HMO and private transportation throughout the state of Wisconsin.

It is this knowledge of program and funding rules that give us our advantage in being able to offer the level of services we do. We have and continue to work with Wisconsin Department of Transportation to develop and improve transportation coordination to increase our ability to offer more availability and access for transportation to the people we serve.
Abby Vans has over 25 years of experience transporting special needs customers. We take pride in the level of professionalism and customer service we provide to all customers. The transportation service that Abby Vans provides is a vital link to the necessary care our customers need to live a healthier, productive life. Abby Vans understands and respects the responsibility in delivering safe, reliable transportation that can make a difference in the life of our customers.

Abby Vans’ staff has many years of experience as it relates to Paratransit Services. As an organization, we are involved at the local, state and federal levels of government. This enables us to work with policy makers on the changing issues facing the industry, while keeping us abreast of funding and policy changes.
Abby Vans’ Owner and President, Mark Jones, began the business as a driver. The firsthand experience he gained as a driver and the additional 22 years in the company starting new contracts, acquiring new vehicles, attending various State or Federal Paratransit seminars, and overseeing the operations have provided Abby Vans a spectrum of experience in the field of Paratransit Services.
With over two decades of transportation services, Abby Vans has garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience, making Abby Vans a leader in the transportation service field in the state of Wisconsin. Beginning with the varied transportation services we provide, to the number of customers we transport and the customers’ special mobility (space type) needs, to problem solving issues in the field, Abby Vans has the knowledge and experience to handle the numerous and challenging issues the transportation industry faces.