Dodge Grand Caravan  or Chrysler Town and Country

One Wheelchair Rear Ramp / Drop Floor Conversion
ADA/HSV Certified

Commercial and Private Use


• Quality materials make conversion more durable, giving you longer life, and a better return on your investment.

• Most user friendly conversion available.

• Low ramp incline, simple yet durable restraints, and direct line loading provide for less wheelchair maneuvering
  and a greater ease of use.

• The custom drop floor provides the wheelchair passenger with lower center of gravity, eliminating the uneasy
  feeling when riding in the traditional raised roof conversion.

• The custom drop floor also provides passengers the ability to see out the windows which is all but lost in a
  traditional conversion.



2008 – Current

  1. Seating Capacity

4 + 1

  1. Lowered Floor Width


  1. Lowered Floor Length


  1. Ramp Width


  1. Ramp Length


  1. Ramp Incline

4 to 1

  1. Clear Passage/Headroom




Extremely sturdy yet lightweight ramp slides away inconspicuously into rear hatch of the van.
Dual locking mechanisms lock ramp into place during transit.
A ramp width of 34.5 provides enough space for most wheelchairs or power chairs.

Conversion02  Conversion03  Conversion04



A gradual ramp grade and direct line loading makes for a smooth and easy transition.

Conversion05  Conversion06


Restraint System
Quality Q-Straints installed throughout provide sturdy, reliable 4 point restraint system for wheelchairs
in both front and rear positions.   Mechanical or Electric restraints available.

Conversion07                              Conversion08

Passenger Compartment
The one wheelchair conversion offers a spacious passenger compartment able to accommodate one wheelchair and three ambulatory persons.